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Podiatrists are professionally trained to treat many conditions relating to foot and ankle pain. Some common disorders we treat include:

Ankle Fractures

Ankle fractures are common injuries of the lower extremity. Ankle fractures are increasingly common injuries that necessitate a careful approach for proper management. Over five million ankle injuries occur each year in the United States alone. The incidence of ankle fractures is approximately 187 fractures per 100,000 people each year. Since the mid-1900s, this rate has increased significantly in many industrialized countries, most likely due to growth in the number of people involved in athletics and in the size of the elderly population.

The vast majority of ankle fractures are malleolar fractures: 60 to 70 percent occur as unimalleolar fractures, 15 to 20 percent as bimalleolar fractures, and 7 to 12 percent as trimalleolar fractures. There are similar fracture rates overall between women and men, but men have a higher rate as young adults, while women have higher rates in the 50 to 70-year age group.

Typical mechanisms of ankle fractures include:

  • rolling/ twisting ankle
  • fall from heights
  • motor vehicle accidents

Treatment depends on severity of the injury, amount of displacement of the fracture, medical condition of a patient, and age. Simple non- or minimally displaced fractures require cast immobilization for 6-8 weeks. Displaced or open fractures require surgical intervention. Physical therapy is very important to rehabilitate the extremity once the fracture heals sufficiently.

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