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Podiatrists are professionally trained to treat many conditions relating to foot and ankle pain. Some common disorders we treat include:


Our highly trained podiatrist is fully qualified to treat all of your foot and ankle problems, from simple calluses and skin conditions, to complex bone problems. Our Broward County foot doctor can spot a developing condition and correct it before serious damage occurs. In addition, our podiatrist will teach you how to take care of your feet, which can prevent many foot ailments from occurring again in the future.

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Iliya Beylin, DPM

Iliya Beylin, DPM

As Broward County Podiatrists, we’ve received conventional medical training plus special training on the foot, ankle, and lower leg. We have been well trained in foot and ankle surgery through our hospital residencies, and we are experts in delivering care for complex foot disorders suffered by diabetic patients as well as common foot problems including bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis (heel pain), and shin splints.

In addition to our highly trained podiatrists, our office is staffed with devoted personnel who provide the best of care during all phases of your treatment.

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Our Coral Springs Office Has Moved!

Our new location is:

2929 University Drive
Suite 106
Coral Springs, FL 33065